Sunday, August 18, 2013

portlandia :: seattle

Lately I have shied away from documenting these little experiments in food, craft, parenting etc. on my blog because they tend to be experiments and not a way of life. This is not to say I don't aspire to make my own (fill in the blank) but our life circumstances have not allowed for a more committed pursuit of a more homemade type of lifestyle. It's one of those situations in which the grass seems greener on the other side. At times I pine (which might be too strong of a word) to grow more, make more, craft more, but if the opportunity arose - would I choose to do it? Anyway my style is a bit scattered, I try a bit of this and that; there is no focused effort on any one thing.  Enjoying whatever it is for the sake of doing it. So when I saw some of the episodes of Portlandia I thought I needed an episode dedicated to me. The faux (fill in the blank). "I make this", "I make that", "I grow this" and "grow that!" I've been especially snarky about this lately after a garden camp my daughter attended which sent me straight to making Portlandia parallels. Dirty kids, messy organic gardens, ukeleles, tie-dye, recycled everything. I couldn't help it - when did I become so cutting? Goodness - I signed her up for it, and I want to make a worm bin to boot!

So I placed this latest mood of mine in the category of experimentation; like a pre-teen trying on personas and in time I'll mature into a more tolerant state of mind. Maybe.

Well nothing like making your own butter to reinforce the mood. One morning last week, on someone's birthday I whipped some leftover cream into butter. And there you go folks: butter and buttermilk. The best part of it all is I even took a picture! Anyway, in truth I have been laughing at myself since then imagining my own episode of Portlandia; the urban-homesteader making butter and blogging about it. 


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  1. Oh yes--a worm bin is really just a worm farm! So exciting you can now really eat lower on the food chain. But don't let your kids name the worms or they will never eat them no matter how appeticing you prepare them.