Monday, August 19, 2013

back in the saddle

C is back into sailing this past month and his first ever official race was this past weekend. August is notoriously light on wind but it showed up for Saturday's race at the perfect speed. He was in the slowest class of boats so there weren't any break out performances and the format of the race allowed for lots of coach help and as many mistakes as you can make; like running into other boats, loosing the wind, bumping the race markers. Plus racing 5 circuits back to back at about 1/2 hour each, the kids aren't on the water all day. I had my binoculars, my knitting, a cup of coffee that the team provided and enjoyed my afternoon at the races. E stayed home with the other kids because the race location would have been a bear for watching W toddling all over the docks and nearby busy parking lot. 

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