Thursday, July 18, 2013

road trip :: day 1 :: ferry ride

We rode the SS Badger for the first time ever on this road trip. SS Badger is the only coal fired vessel that is used in the United States today. In the picture above you can see the coal pile waiting to be brought aboard sometime that day. We got underway at 9 am in the morning after we had eaten our breakfast of donuts from McDonald Bakery. The ferry ride is 4 hours from one side of Lake Michigan to the other with plenty to do while onboard. We rented a stateroom for the ride which was so snug and clean that if W hadn't been sleeping in there I would have crawled into bed for a snooze. While W slept we situated ourselves in the bingo parlor and colored, read and knitted while the rest of the passengers in our section played bingo (I had the impression this was a Midwest pastime!) the kids and I did a facts-about-the-SS Badger scavenger hunt provided by the crew. C watched a movie in the movie theater (Escape from Planet Earth) and we all did at least 10 laps around the upper deck. The ride was worth it, cutting about 4-6 hours of driving off our entire trip.

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