Sunday, February 24, 2013

Two 8 Tuff milers

That was one tough race. Not a Pikes Peak, or a Boston or even close to that kind of tough but for a person who used to be a runner, who might now be considered a jogger it was a very tough race. Tough on my ego, tough on my body. But it was done and done well if I might say so myself. I was so happy to finish without an injury and finish faster than the time I had been training for and E improved his time from last year by 8 minutes! It was such a fun morning. We had had a babysitter come at 5:30 (am! that in and of itself is cause to call the morning fun) and then caught the foot ferry over to St. John. The sun was just rising, and the boat was filled with runners. At the starting line we ran into a few people we knew, exchanged well wishes and then we were off. The entire first part of the race is uphill. Its a slow, slow slog with everyone walking then running, walking then running (unless you are one of the under 60 minutes club who run the entire way). Lots of water, lots of cheering and lots of downhill past the 5 mile point. I honestly don't know which is worse on my body - the uphill, or the downhill. At least on the down hill I didn't feel like I was going to have a heart attack. Would I do it again - yes. Will I do it again - we'll see. 

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