Monday, February 25, 2013

Newtonian physicist

Early in the day E asked, where did W put his water bottle? I don't know check the kitchen drawer, or the toy bag, or maybe the shoe basket. Nope none of those spots. Later it was the girls asking where are my shoes? My Belle doll? It seems that things have been disappearing around the house. These disappearances coincided with W's ability to slide open the screen doors and get out onto the balcony. It seems that he has spent some of his time dropping any variety of items from the balcony to the ground below. After discovering his new pastime, we've watched him to see what items have gone overboard. There does not seem to be any real rhyme or reason for his choice of items. Early this morning he had a tooth brush in his hand and was walking from the bathroom to the screen door most assuredly going to toss it from the balcony. Does he choose items out of spite? By shape, color, texture? Does he want to know if they all fall the same way? Who knows. But he likes to see them fall and I bet he hopes they'll do something spectacular when they land. Now when someone asks; where is....we'll say look over the balcony.

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