Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ski weekend

Our Michigan mountain finally had a good snow just a few days before we arrived to ski. I'm pretty sure the report at the ticket counter said there was a 24 inch base. That's not a whole heck of alot by west coast standards but it doesn't matter; we had a blast. C missed the first day of skiing due to a fever,  E stayed home with him, while I tried snowboarding and the girls had some lessons. The second day we were all on the slopes (except W) and some of the gang headed out for night skiing after dinner. As for the first try at snowboarding, I was humbled by all the little people shredding away all around me on the bunny slope. After about 5 hours of boarding I realized that I needed a good 4-5 days on a board before I'm safe to ride on the chairlifts. So, I turned in my board for a pair of skis, and spent the rest of the day on the mountain in the way I know best.  B is now on the chairlifts, C is learning how how to turn with parallel skis, M knows the difference between pizza and french fries.  

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