Tuesday, July 3, 2012

making money

One afternoon recently C came buzzing by on his bike and said he was going to sell something to earn some money. After some thought he decided that he'd sell rocks at a dollar each to anyone walking by. If I had not been preoccupied with making some jam from our neighbor's strawberries I might have counseled him to choose something more appropriate. But I was busy, and really who was I to say that no one would want to by rocks. It was kinda cute. Well was I wrong. An hour out on the street corner brought in at least $3.00 in sales. He was so high. A few days later, excited by the prospect of earning enough to buy a LEGO kit he's been thinking about, he took the neighbor up on an offer to pick berries, and instead of making them into jam, he sold them. Another $5.00 (before 9 am - mind you). Not wanting to miss any action, B decided to sell flowers and earned $3.00. As I write, I have chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge that C and I made to bake tomorrow and sell. I don't know how it got started but I'll encourage it and support them as best I can. Honestly I have visions of turning a lot of our yard into cut flower beds and doing the same thing when we return to the NW full time. So maybe I'll have more help in the future than I think - especially if it means earning a little money.

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