Wednesday, June 27, 2012

first camping expedition

The last two days were spent on our first camping trip in a long time as a whole family. Our destination was Fort Flagler, very near Pt. Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula. Being a drier part of the Puget Sound area the chances that it is sunny there when its rainy in Seattle are pretty high. We lucked out with sun one day and light overcast the next. Chilly the entire time though. It was a fantastic trip. Ft. Flagler has wonderful forest trails and beaches for walking. The kids brought bikes and rode around, and around the campground, through the forest at the campground and down to the ice-cream shack at the beach (which also serves good coffee and tea). Some of the highlights (depending on which of us you are); marshmallows, ice-cream, throwing pine cones into the fire, fire-building, playing chase and riding bikes in the forest, sunsets, walking, beach rocks and driftwood whittling.

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