Monday, December 19, 2011


We arrived in the Northwest at 11 pm after 15 hours of travel. The kids did an amazing job on the flights and managed to sleep some despite the cramped quarters. They were all in good spirits as we waited for bags, rental car and the drive home, despite it being 2 in the morning caribbean time. Once home, everyone went to bed and surprisingly slept-in (not a common occurrence when traveling like this).

But that morning, not soon after we were out of bed the kids just had to dive right into the holiday spirit and insisted we decorate the tree my parents had cut for us. So, reluctantly and sleepy eyed, I strung the lights and let the kids hang the ornaments. Then the elf hat making started. Leader elf, elf number 2, 3, 4.... And the day went on like that: non-stop.

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