Wednesday, December 14, 2011

christmas party

Charlie Brown Christmas tree
E's white coconut

Last night we hosted a Christmas party - our first party on the island. Our new place has much more room, allowing for the separation of children and adults so that each group can enjoy their time with their peers. Being a school night and all we had to get started early enough (and end early enough) so families who wanted to get home to bed could. Actually having a get together this big is a little out of character for us - we are much more about smaller gatherings so I don't know what got into us. We had a white elephant, which was thankfully very tame (given the crowd we had) with some fun gifts: island survival kit complete with bugspray and fix-a-flat; a nice sun hat which was poached a few times; chocolates; wine; jewelry. Everyone put some effort into it. The kids watched Charlie Brown's christmas while we played and you can see that we found our own Charlie brown tree to decorate the table with. Jimmy Buffet Christmas carols played during dinner and afterwards and the highlight for the kids was a night swim. We threw in chemlights and bracelets and glow-in the dark rubber duckies and the kids had a blast for an hour or so. Each group of kids (generally boys and girls) hoarding them in turn. We had hoped to served hot chocolate afterwards, but there was enough chocolate in the dessert bar that we skipped it. W held up awesome throughout - however I have zero photos because I was either holding him, holding a drink or getting the dinner served up. Oh and the white coconuts - E's creation. He cut the coconuts out of our tree because they were a hazard and decided to paint them white and give them away to everyone who came. We kept one, which B has named Arosa and its her baby...the things they come up with I swear. Anyway, so glad we did it. So glad we didn't find an excuse not to. It'll be a great memory of christmas time on the island someday for our family.

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