Wednesday, October 12, 2011

quiet weekend

The kids had a four day weekend. One day we spent at the new house, moving, cleaning and swimming. Part of the next three days E took the kids to the hotel on St. John that has an awesome pool, playground and beach. W and I stayed behind, catching up on sleep mostly but I did get a movie and some phone calls in that I had been wanting to make. The kids came back exhausted and sunkissed from all the pool time. We had an early dinner and everyone was in bed before 7 and the girls at least were asleep right away. I think C stayed up to read for awhile. Today we are back into our normal routine and I am finishing packing up the condo for delivery to the new place.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful baby! I'm in Love! I miss my babies being that small:( - Barefoot Mama, TX

  2. Thank you. I know time will fly and I too will miss this stage (maybe not the sleepiness though:)