Sunday, October 9, 2011

baby feet and a pool

These baby feet pictures are the only ones that turned out half-way decent of a bunch I took the other day. I was having a hard time with the light in the room and W moving his feet everywhere. The second one I wanted to keep because it reminds me of how strong baby ab muscles are - they can lift both legs all day long; kicking and squirming.

Some of you know we have signed a lease on a house and are moving this month. More space was needed inside and outside and we found this great efficient home at the very top of a hill with space inside and out for us to spread out in. We started moving into our new place this weekend. It is fully furnished except that the beds in the house were too big for the kids and did not give us any floor space for them to play on. So we asked the landlord to store them elsewhere and purchased some bunks from Kmart.  While E was putting together the bunkbeds, Ikea style, the kids were out in the pool. Wow, 2 hours of fun for them - hope it lasts. A view from the new house. Much different perspective on the island. At the condo we are down near the water's edge looking out on a harbor full of boats and activity every day. Here we have a bird's eye view and an amazing breeze. At the condo we have a breeze but it cannot go *through* the condo as there are not windows on the back end of the place. At this house, with windows and doors all around it seems to blow through the place keeping it cool. The kids seem very excited about the space to roam (and by the pool) and about the bunk beds being put together in their rooms. As part of the rent we have a small efficiency studio in the basement...just perfect for visitors. Hint Hint.

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  1. I'll definitely be taking you up on your hints! Based off of your image I tried locating your house.. I think I found it :)