Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a theme is emerging

I had some time today for the first time since being back to pull out my sewing machine. Last spring I had collected some t-shirts from various venues (yacht club event, Stand-up paddleboarding event) in hopes that I could use the material for some baby clothes. Color choice was limited - green and white but they were brand new and probably just going to be donated anyway. So I used Heather Ross, Weekend Sewing Huck Finn pattern to make a pair of pants. I had the pattern already traced and cut from a pair I made for M and then as a gift for a friend last summer.
Placing the new pants with all the other layette items we have been gifted or I have gathered or made, I am seeing a pattern emerge. Green, farm, sailing - it looks very BOY to me. Hmm. Time will tell.

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