Monday, September 12, 2011

Birthday weekend

Our now five year old has a birthday that falls while school is in session. This is a first for us, as we are all summer-time birthdays so there is not need to take into account "school" on your birthday. So we opened a few presents the day of, sent chocolate chip cookies to school to celebrate with friends and had Texas sheet cake for dessert that night. We also planned a party, flowers and princesses to be exact, for the weekend with a few of B's friends. The weather was threatening a cancellation of the party - tropical storm Maria was supposed to turn into a hurricane and everyone here was in a fuss about this one being big and bad (boats pulled out of the water, curfew in effect, businesses closed). But luck prevailed and the storm didn't amount to much and the party went on as scheduled. B and I made the invites last week, ordered a HUGE cake from a local wedding cake bakery. We didn't realize it was a 10 inch 3-layer-chocolate cake for our party of 15 adults and children...We now have cake coming out our ears! I had planned some crafts to do inside for the party but the kids we were having such a good time playing, we only made the shrinky dink necklaces and didn't play a single party game. It was just a suped up lunch time play-date! Nothing fancy for lunch either. PBJ, tons of fruit, chips, juice, carrots. Something for everyone.

But I cannot believe she is 5. So helpful, so curious, quiet, intense and focused and a big spirit for adventure. We love you B!

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