Monday, April 18, 2011

signs of changing weather

This was the beginning of a water spout that was seen from our balcony a few days ago. We are told the water spouts mean that rain is coming and sure enough we've been having some rain after a long dry winter. Usually the spouts come in groups but on this day there was only this one and it never reached the ocean surface.
Oh those lovely St. Thomas clouds
Then as we were getting ready for our sailing lesson we noticed thousands of small brown (no-stinging) jellyfish in the water. Again we were told that they are a sign that summer is near. Later with my camera I tried to get a shot of them, but there were none (or just this one dying one) to be found. The tides or wind moved them along to another location. The changing of the seasons in the tropics is not quite so dramatic as it is in the temperate zones. No rush of blooms or melting of snow, changing of leaves or the first snow. It is so very incremental. The winds pick up or die down, the water temperature increases or decreases, humidity rises and falls, the leaves on the trees slowly blossom, or brown, the jellyfish come and go, fruits come in and out of season. For me the most fun is the moon rise; the location changes as each month passes by. Further south in summers, further north in the winters. Anyway, it is quite easy to think of every new day nearly the same as the last however with a little more attention, the subtle tropic season can be noticed.

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