Tuesday, February 15, 2011

a trip to stumpy

We embarked on a too long adventure to find a beach we are not sure we even found. This island is only 13 miles long, but it takes forever to drive from the east end where we are to the North/west end. The north and west ends are quiet, less touristy, more rastafarian, more lush. The beaches are remote and left unused most of the time. This beach - Stumpy we think, was our destination and we are not sure we actually found it. The roads were all dirt, well used enough but by who we do not know - there were just a few farms and goat fences along the way. After several false starts down backroads we finally hit a road that ended at a beach. What a sweet little beach. Not so good for swimming but many tidepool formations and seashells. The tidepools don't support wildlife like they do in the Northwest, so there isn't any ooohing and ahhhing over animals we've found but some are good for swimming.

Not entirely sure who we would encounter in a place like this, we positioned our car for a quick getaway (how paranoid are we...actually I could write another post on why I am paranoid and some of it is unfounded but most of it probably isn't.) Basically it is hard for someone who is not a local to know exactly which areas to steer clear of...the island has a very high crime rate (all sorts) and for all we know this could be a place where stuff happens. Anyway, enough of that, obviously our sense of adventure was stronger than our fear.

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