Thursday, February 17, 2011

some paperwork

I wish I could report that this list was generated on a whim. But it was not. C had spent the better part of the morning complaining about everything and so E asked him to make a list of 10 things he liked. Happy to have a task, the list was made quick enough: Wut I Like: 1. playing, 2. writing 3. going to McDonalds 4. being alone 5. playing with you 6. jumping 7. being with you 8. building 9. running 10. swimming. From that list we found several things we had done that some perspective was needed. My response to this task was a little tougher. I couldn't rattle off 10 things like C could. Would you? My list, probably like most people's is ever changing but on that morning it looked like this: 1. good latte on a cold rainy day  2. first snowfall 3. being inspired to start 4. color 5. running 6. the beach 7. a meal with friends and family 8. anything beautiful 9. making things 10. a good chocolate chip cookie. So there you have my list.
Paper is everywhere lately. Maps, people, underground forts. Maybe I should add paper to my list of things I like because the kids do so many amazing things with it.

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