Tuesday, February 1, 2011

random bits of whatnot

So I am working on my photo-taking....and I have a long way to go. To keep me on track I am going to bore you with a color theme each week...yellow is this weeks theme. So to get off to a rock'in start I went outside to take pictures of all the yellow plants I found. Ack, I could not get it right! The lighting was all off. So I came inside and did this...which is nothing except an experiment in Manual settings. So the rock'in start is not so rock'in. There is always tomorrow. The below photo was taken over the weekend...it is C's modeling clay animals (turles, squirrels, animals that can shoot electric.) Soon after this batch was made, another was made, that time it was birds and they occupied a forest diorama for the rest of the day.

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