Wednesday, February 2, 2011

darn yellow and little helper

The tricky sunny color! Still having a hard time near sunset to get this color on film.
Its funny how different our children can be and in the same moment be blind to their differences. For example. C has never been too interested in helping out in the kitchen. I had expected that it would be something of interest to him; cooking, cleaning, put things away, maybe some small part at least. But none of it has really ever stuck. And honestly at one point I was a bit disappointed. With all the time I spend in the kitchen I felt it was one way we could spend time together. But, I have learned that it isn't the end of the world and I shouldn't worry about his interest in the kitchen, so I don't. Someday it may click. With B, its another story. She is very interested, always has been and in each part. And for some reason this surprises me; I had expected that she may not be interested just like C. However, when she was smaller it was organizing the pantry, pulling things out and putting things back in. Later and now she enjoys helping with baking in particular. Lately its been with setting tables, clearing them and tonight, doing dishes. Let this be a lesson. Their values and priorities are their own - each to his or her own. We can model but I am getting the feeling they have their own timelines to decide to follow our lead.

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