Tuesday, October 5, 2010

rain all week

The paper this morning said we were going to have rain all week, no hurricanes or tropical storms. Just rain. We don't mind. Our balcony is perfect for watching the lightening storms and squalls blow in from the ocean. The lightening is particularly spectacular. The lightening squalls blow in really low off the water so when they blow over head the lightening clouds seem within reach and the thunder rips through the air shaking the house.
On Sunday we were swimming and paddleboarding out in the rain. It had just begun to rain that morning so the runoff had still not reached the beach making it unswimmable. When the rain started to fall the still air cooled and the glassy water began to ripple and clink. Paddling on the water with rain tinkling all around and only the slightest of warm breezes was nothing short of amazing.

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