Monday, September 20, 2010

long paddle

Hurricane Igor passed our island way out to sea, so we did not get much in the way of wind or rain. However, the winds did shift from their usual direction allowing for longer than usual paddles on the paddle board. Paddle boarding is best done on a calm sea with little winds. Its easier to balance and your body is less of a sail when there less breeze. E and C took the board out this weekend (shown above - C is laying down inbetween E's legs) leaving Cowpet Bay and paddling a mile or so over to Christmas Cove, while I watched from our balcony. Once at Christmas cove they played survivor man; two sailors washed up on the shore with nothing to eat, drink or keep them warm.


  1. This reminds me of a recent paddle board race around Mercer Island (13 miles). One boarder took his 4 year old boy along for the ride. The picture in the Times shows the child falling over backward in the wind, but he sat right back up and finished the ride. To bad you don't have a video of the "survivors" and how they managed to get back in time for dinner.