Tuesday, September 21, 2010

girls night out

Eating out down here is an exercise in keeping your expectations in check. Expectations in quality and price. Fresh wilts pretty quickly in the heat and fresh has also spent a week or so on a barge transiting the ocean to get here. For example, I purchased english cucumbers on a Friday and by Sunday they were moldy. So when we heard about restaurant with a noodle bar; fare different from pizza, chicken fingers, fries and hamburgers, we thought we'd give it a try. B loved the noodles - ate an adult size serving and more. M, not so much. She preferred chasing the kitties (and rats!) on the sidewalk, after she knocked over the hurricane lantern and spilled her water. Dinner with a 2-year old! September, being the slowest tourist month of the year down, meant we had the outdoor seating area to ourselves and the full attention of the wait staff (for better or worse) and free ice-cream at the end. A nice evening, with the moon just rising over St. John and rainbows in the sky.

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