Tuesday, June 22, 2010

night at the yacht club

We have joined the yacht club, which from what we are told is the place to gather for family social events in addition to access to boats. So far we've been there three times and each time has been a blast for the kids and nice for us just to sit, have a few drinks and visit. This past week the yacht club was hosting a regatta for kids ages 7-16 from around the world. As part of the festivities they hosted a West Indian buffet and fire dancers as entertainment. Before the show I asked the performers if they were Polynesian or Caribbean dancers and they told me neither, but rather free-form, American whatever with some burlesque thrown in. I was a bit skeptical given that kids were the bulk of the crowd watching. Luckily no high leg kicks or strip teases. The fire and dancing were mezmorizing.

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