Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I took a karate class last night with C. It was a Mother's Day class. He got to teach me how to block, punch, kick and spar. It was very fun and pretty good exercise to boot. If I looked like most of the other mother's taking the class, then I have alot to learn. The kids make it look so easy. At the end of class, C and the other kids went to the back room and emerged with these: cards and flowers for mom. Isn't that sweet? In our life now we are without the benefit of close friends and family in our neighborhood. This has made it a bit harder to find solid ground; communities and activities that reflect the values we work on at home. But we have found a few. School being one and this karate school is another. Some might say that this mother's day karate class is just a gimmick, winning over our hearts and minds to keep us sending our kids. I say - so what if it is? Gimmick or not, C was so proud to have me there learning along with him, noodle arms and all.

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