Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It started out quiet enough

C is home sick with a fever and throat stuff....the day started really early for everyone but it seemed to be going OK. However, by about 2 this afternoon I had had enough. This is what the house looked like. A small house is a blessing and a curse. One communal space to play, cook, eat, read, mess-up. So there is no walking to another room to clear your mind of the mess. The mess must be dealt with today. But being small means the clean-up can be quick. This may be the worst it gets. Honest.

If you had stopped by to chat this is what you would have seen. Empty grocery bags, an office desk with a stack of CD's waiting to be burned so they can go with us on the move. Paper, paper, paper to be recycled, shredded...small rummaging child, pulling out spice containers and throwing them around.

Laundry on the bed, folded, but still needing to be put away. Oh and the bed still needs making. Sigh

The sick one, just sick enough to stay home, but not sick enough to stay in bed all day....look at that countertop! Yikes.  Anyway, I couldn't do one more thing unless I picked up the place. This job would have to be done without the help of the kids. In that moment I remembered a story told of my loving mother-in-law in which she on occasion would *lock* her 7 children out of the house while she had a few moments inside to herself. What she did in her quiet house who knows, but if she could clean in peace I am sure it was heaven. So I shued everyone outside (though I kept the door open:) and picked up the place. Spend as little time doing the things you like least of all, right?

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