Monday, April 12, 2010

us virgin islands

Our spring break. United States Virgin Islands. A long way to travel from Seattle but in a few short months these islands in the Caribbean, the West Indies, part of the Lesser Antilles chain will be home to us. Yes home. On the 18th parallel, the same as Mexico City, Hawaii, Bombay India. A lovely place but very different than good ole Seattle. Not anything I would ever have imagined but in some ways it makes sense that a girl raised on an island would return to an island at some point. I have just a few photos to share from our wonderful trip and introduction to the tropics. There will be many, many more opportunities to share about life in the tropics in the months to come.
Cousins in the water-all-day-long. Notice the fair-Irish skin is covered, nearly head to foot, with sun protection.
This mermaid(?) was spotted in Trunk Bay near a fan of coral.

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