Thursday, April 1, 2010

just another day

A few shots from our day yesterday; the last day of March. And this is the first day of April and I should really have an entry celebrating that but I don't think too far in advance....This is our neighbor's arugla (I think) from last season that has gone to seed. She has a few plants which survived the winter and now are going to seed and they look beautiful. This shot was taken about 2 minutes after our walk started and 2 minutes before it ended. 4 minute walk. B has given up her naps and around Wednesday she is a bear. Today was one of those days.
This is what I do several times a day. I hover behind M as she climbs the steps. They are not too steep, but they are long and hardwood so a fall is a big deal. We don't have a gate at the bottom - it inhibits the million times up and down each day by the other two. We have one at the top which I install if M stays up there to play.
The weather begged for a trip to the beach. B is on top of the dragon, slaying it with her feather sword.
treasures - crab legs.

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