Monday, April 26, 2010

corners of our garden

We have decided to go ahead with planting our small garden this year with the hope that our renters will pick up where we left off. Actually they did say they wanted to give vegetable gardening a whirl. But knowing that I won't be here and that my mind is getting us ready for the move, I haven't spent much time planning. For example, today, B and I planted spinach and parsnips (which I thought were carrots) right next to one another and from what I understand (now that they are in the ground) these plants have very different nitrogen requirements. Also we have a mole, who appears to be eating the grubs found in the garden soil. They are there because some veggies from last season were left to decompose in the garden. So we have slugs, grubs and moles. For a little damage control against pests I sprinkled egg shells between the radishes (which have attracted the slugs) and the lovely lettuce which has been left untouched. The eggshells are apparently too sharp for the slugs to pass over. I also placed a container with coffee in it hoping to lure and drown the buggers.
Onions were planted in a variety of spots. They have pest repellent capabilities because of the pungent odor. Which pests I don't know (I thought maybe husbands:) The pea trellis awaits some peas to be planted. Willi Galloway at the gardening blog Diggin Food recommends inoculating the peas with rhizobia bacteria to improve their nitrogen absorption which will improve growth and heartiness. So I am going to try that if I can make it to the nursery this week.
Lastly, Sun Gold tomatoes. I grew them last year and loved them. I will miss the season this year. But I couldn't resist. Pictures this week are courtesy of a tip from Soulemama about an iphone app called hipstamatic. Take a photo and the app will automatically give it a nostalgic patina. Fun.

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