Friday, March 19, 2010

for real

This is what I was making the other night. Up way too late but it was way too fun. Girls are little only once and I couldn't wait. Also, when our kitchen table has to be converted into a sewing table after the kids have gone to bed and then cleaned up that same night (so we can eat there in the morning) I am more inclined to get as much done as I can in one sitting.
With time constraints there isn't much dithering about colors either. I loved each fabric alone so I figured they would look OK together. And they do.
So the inspiration came from this book which had been sitting in my Amazon shopping list for awhile. I figured I couldn't go wrong with a title like that or a cute outfit like she has on. At first I was a little put off by the bohemian style of the girl-model and photos; it wasn't-quite-my-style. But the patterns looked cute enough and if I looked beyond the picture and imagine...I could at least try it my way. 
So I did. I used a little more color, stayed away from frayed edges and too much lacy-trim. Very easy patterns and I have a very small repetoire of clothing made by my own hand. The last real outfit I made was my 8th grade banquet skirt. Bright yellow. 

This is an apron with a big pocket on the front. The pattern can also be sewn into a dress but I loved the apron idea. The pants are just easy bloomer style with lace added onto the cuffs. One is in the making for M.


  1. She likes the clothes! Wow. What would you do if she didn't want to wear them? But it would be fun making them anyway and there is always Maggie.

  2. M has one too. They both love the aprons. The pants are liked but skirts are preferred by B.