Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Sledding must be an all time favorite with kids who live (and visit) the snowier parts of the world. Each day we were in Michigan we had to do a little sledding. Even in the super flat back yard some sledding was happening. Gma and Gpa have a deck about 3 ft. off the ground and the snow was deep enough that we could sled off the deck, down the steps onto the yard. The best part; Gma and Gpa could watch from the kitchen table. When we needed to up the ante, we headed to the state park.  
Below is the "frozen baby act". M (in the sled) could not stay upright on the sled in the snowsuit we had her wrapped in, so she laid down and DID NOT MOVE and inch as we dragged her around the entire yard.
She wasn't scared - she loved it, she just didn't feel the need to move.

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