Monday, February 22, 2010


Last week we were on downhill skis for the first time in 14 years. 14 years too many. Skiing is such a wonderful sport. Exhilirating, challenging, dangerous (everyone wears helmets these days!). We loved it. Our one and only day of skiing was the best day of the season as one local, season-pass holder told us on the lift, and I believed him. Soft, dry snow, chilly but not windy, a few flurries. It was the kind of day to make you fall in love with the sport again. Oh, and parabolic skis. I had never skiied on them before last week. I think they are why I had such an easy time remembering how to ski. Michigan seems to be the place for an entire family to learn to ski. Crystal Mountain (where we skiied) has such a small town type of feel. Families everywhere, reasonable rates, small lift lines and shorter, sloping runs, parking lot at the bottom of the lift. We enrolled C in an all day lesson and (lunch aside which ended up on the floor of the car as we drove home) he had a great time. I wish we had stayed a few more days. His instructor said he was nearly ready for the lifts! See the double thumbs up down there. That is a good day! The girls, well we enrolled them in an all day daycare on site. Their day was not as great but soon enough they will have a chance to hit the slopes. 

Atop the highest of Crystals hills.

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