Tuesday, February 9, 2010


There are amazing things to be done with blogs. This past christmas a close friend of ours made a beautiful alphabet book with pictures from our blog. She said she was so glad when I had posted pictures of a Quilt, Urchin and Virgin Islands, made her job that much easier. Seriously cool idea.
Then we also made our own books. Using Blurb, I downloaded all the text and photos taken over the year and condensed it into this little book. Blurb is designed to do this sorta thing so I didn't have to create any templates or cut and paste stuff. I just hit the button, waited about 20 minutes and edited for about an hour. How cool is that?
Lastly we made a photo album book with many photos that didn't make it onto the blog. This took about an hour because I just couldn't decide which photos and which templates.

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