Tuesday, January 26, 2010

physics lesson required

Its been all about pirates the last few weeks and this is a plank. Captain Hook's plank. And C was going to walk it. I cringed watching this get underway because I knew it wouldn't hold up, but refused to suggest otherwise or suggest duct tape instead of scotch tape, because that table on which the duct tape would be attached is very special. (I didn't really care for the plank being there either but my alternative suggestions were getting me nowhere.) So going with the flow, I watched and waited and gave the order WALK THE PLANK!!!

There was a little back stage activity going on at the same time. Little M kept ripping off each piece of tape as soon as C had attached it to the plank and table. She is a fast little one and into everyone's business.

This would be a very nice first physics lesson though don't you think?

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