Wednesday, January 27, 2010

for the birds

I am slowly beginning to realize that weekends might be the best time to do more structured projects with the kids. More time, more hands, more fun. This weekend we tried bird-feeders, but,  honestly it was a bust! Meaning that the kids really had other plans on their mind.  So I just went ahead and made these little feeders for our winter birds without them. Actually, B helped some. She ate a few seeds and a little peanut butter and then helped me hang them up outside. "Hey birdies your food is here!" she yells.

It was yet another lesson in patience and going with the flow and maybe some persistence in parenting. Even though they weren't engaged like I had hoped, there is no need to stop trying. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't.

We hung my creations on our Christmas tree which is decorating the backyard right now. It still looks great so there is no need to dump in the yard waste yet!

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