Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catch of the day

For our freezer. A fresh 10 lb King caught in British Columbia and purchased at Pure Food Fish Market in the Pike Place Market. While I waited for them to fillet the fish I snacked on smoked salmon and salmon jerky. I was hoping it would offset the price of the fish a little. Actually if you are a salmon eater and balk at the price in the grocery store and you don't mind getting your hands a little messy - buy the whole fish. It is generally one half the cost per pound. Its better that it hasn't been previously frozen unless you plan to eat it right away. Another budget-healthy alternative to wild caught salmon is farmed salmon. (The debate goes on about this type of salmon but we eat it here in the Northwest and there are many different kinds of farms so check your source!) I didn't spend too much time looking for farmed salmon though, I couldn't leave Pure Food to find it. The smoked salmon they were handing me was way too good.
We got some veggies too - at generally a better price than the grocery. Despite my discovery today that rainy Monday mornings are a very good time to go to the Market with a stroller, I am not sure this type of shopping will happen all that often. Maybe just once a month to catch a salmon.

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