Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween crazy

This is over the top, but lots of fun. It began with the idea of making C's halloween costume. When I pitched the idea to him he wasn't too thrilled as he really wanted to wear his power ranger costume. After some consideration I felt that was ok with me but I was going to make the shirt part of the costume anyway - because I had wanted to try this forever. I did not have a fully formed idea - just a tee-shirt with a halloween theme freezer paper stencil. This is what that not fully formed idea turned into. Tie-dye with freezer paper stencil.
Since this was a project on the fly, I didn't plan ahead. On three occasions I had to go to the store to get something I did not have. Dye, then salt (a cup is needed), then freezer paper.
The spider was copied from a googled online graphic and cut into the freezer paper with an exacto knife. The freezer paper was then ironed onto the tee-shirt, painted with black fabric paint (which I did have) and then removed. There are 4 of these buggers. Guess who gets to wear them. Hint - Size small.
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  1. C wore his spider shirt to school today; he got loads of compliments. One mom stopped me to ask where we got it and I explained that you had made them. She said, "I hope she's thinking of selling them!"