Thursday, August 6, 2009


This is a long time coming. I love yogurt but alot of what is offered is too sweet, too tart, too processed. So I usually use plain yogurt and then dress it up from there with fruit, sugar, wheat germ, whatever sounds good (right now the combination of fresh peaches and vanilla whole milk yogurt is really good). So the bright idea crossed my mind one day that I should try and make it. So I placed a hold on a book from the library - pictured above and waited...and waited....and waited. Which is really silly because I have the INTERNET which would have told me how to make yogurt. But "The Home Creamery" arrived and I have my first batch of yogurt.
It is so easy. I have a very distinct memory of my mom making yogurt with a yogurt machine so I always thought a machine was required. But NO! just a pot, starter (plain yogurt from the store), milk, jars and some sort of container to keep the yogurt at 110 degrees for at least 6 hours. So I used a picnic cooler with jars of hot water inside to keep the temperature warm inside. It really took no time to prepare. I used milk from the fridge, heated it up, added a little starter which was yogurt that I had on hand, then poured it into mason jars. Then it sat overnight (10 hours) and this morning I opened my first batch for breakfast. I hesitated for a moment before eating thinking that milk products are really supposed to stay in the fridge, but it smelled and looked so good. And so far - no tummy upset - and way better than most I can get at the store.
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  1. I'm loving your projects. Wonder if E remembers our mom making yogurt? What I remember of her process: she did hers in the fridge; used cheese cloth and allowed it sit for several days.
    Thanks for the inspiration and the memory.

  2. No he didn't say anything about it. The book is great - there is more than yogurt to make! So I may try a few more recipes(feta and mozzarella are what I am thinking next)

  3. Feta and mozzarella - oh so good. Definitely let me know if you make them and how they turn out.