Thursday, August 6, 2009


Three planter boxes built, two filled with primo gardening soil from Cedar Grove and a fall crop planted. The boxes were built by E with 2x6 cedar planks using a tutorial in Sunset magazine as a guide. Straight forward enough and should last us years. Now for the growing to begin. I am not expecting much this year as we are so late in getting started. The heat and the cold may be against us and the crows. They have already devestated my pumpkin plants in another part of the yard and are making quick work of the second round of seedlings. I am sure this part of the garden will suffer as well.
The kids planted most of the seeds, well B did. C wasn't too interested in the seeds but he wanted to plant to marigolds and salvia. (his favorite colors of course - orange and blue) We just sectioned the garden into quarters and I let the kids broadcast a particular seed in that area and then covered them with soil. We'll see how the method works. I think its a little much to expect straight lines and equidistant seed holes. Besides this is really a garden for the fun of it (or more about finishing what we started 5 months ago!). As for the crows, I have a rotating arsenal of shiny tapes and pinwheels to scatter throughout and change on a daily basis because those suckers are smart. Oh yeah, so we planted: broccoli, radish, green onion, lettuce, spinach, late bloom peas, beets, carrots and rainbow chard -Look out farmers market!
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  1. Too cool! L and I built two raised boxes when we lived in our little Berkeley apartment. We had moderate success (too little sun), but we loved the experience.

    It's great that the kids can be a part of the process. Wish we could be there for the harvest.