Saturday, June 6, 2009

Medieval Faire

We just returned from a medieval fair in Port Gamble and I am able to write this entry because....the kids are playing knights, princesses and all things medieval. Anyhow, it was quite a show and a very serious hobby for those involved. The knight's practice once or twice a week with other knights in their society. There were jousters, axe throwers, archers, blacksmiths, textile artists and potters. Many it seemed had medieval names and towns to hail from and they were dressed to look the part. Whole families participate - lots of little squires and maidens running around or being pushed in strollers.
For all the wild dress and weapons around, C could not stop obsessing about the wallets. "Grampy, lets go home and make a wallet". We are all wondering "What Wallet?" Finally we surmised - correctly that he was talking about the wallets that everyone in period dress had on a belt around their waist (notice the knight at the above left with a leather wallet on his hip).
He was so obssessing about this that I think he missed the whole grizzly image this guy was describing about the use of Claymore swords by the bezerking Scots during medieval times (thank you). You see this Scotsman (I'll call him a Bezerker has a wallet too - never mind a super sharp 8 ft sword in a sheath on his back).
This guy - his wallet is on the hip you cannot see in the picture. The guy behind him has a wallet on his right hip. SO you can guess who has a wallet on his hip now that we are home. His is a small robot design fabric bag full of dollar store trash. His doing of course. I really like the idea of the wallet so I may try and make one for him this week.
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