Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From the public library

Our public library puts together themed reading kits for parents and teachers to check out. I have only recently discovered this fun tool and its been a HIT! I can almost guarantee that the books have been reviewed so that I don't have to stop reading the book in mid-story because it inappropriate or hide it because its brain-numbing. This kit was about superheroes and superheroines. Each book explores the many ways in which a young person can be brave (and more importantly that it isn't always being violent towards the bad guy). In this collection there is "China's Bravest Girl", "The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything", "Annie and the Wild Animals", "Bears in the Night", "Swimmy", "Jess the Brave One", and "The Paper Bag Princess" (quite a bit of brave girls). There is also two puppet kits with scripts which the kids enjoyed. Also notice the "Parents Guide to Storytelling" which has some nice suggestions for all those stories you are asked to tell. I am looking forward to the next kit that comes our way.
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