Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day of Baking

For the past two months I have had early mornings to myself. This is the first stretch of time since C was maybe 9 months. Almost every morning since then I was awoken by his pitter-patter into our room. He'd come in not to snuggle but to let me know he was awake and ready to play. Hrumph. Things have changed a little. He is sleeping so well lately and I am so thankful for that. In the past if I woke up before him I'd tiptoe around. I couldn't take a shower as the fan and shower are right below his bed and would certainly wake him up. Couldn't boil water - he'd hear it. Sometimes he'd hear the computer when it zoomed to life. So I read, exercised a little, knitted, sat in silence or most of the time just continued sleeping. Now I am a little more adventuresome as 2 months is a pretty darn good stretch of sleeping in. This morning I baked. A wheat bread recipe, sorta like brown bread but sweeter with the 1/3 cup honey. I loved it. Kids ate a little but weren't thrilled.
Then later is was chocolate chip cookies. B was a big help with the cleaning. I love chocolate chip cookies but I don't care for my cookies. They satisfy of course but I have the perfect cookie standard in my mind - Mrs. Stafford's (the mother of a childhood friend). When I come across a cookie that seems similar to my childhood memory of the perfect chocolate chip cookie I give it a whirl but nothing has worked. Not even America's Test Kitchen....what to do?
A little later - in the dirt yard, C made a campfire here with some marshmallows and salmon. Maybe he's warming up for a Father's Day feast?
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