Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco de Mayo

C attends a Spanish immersion play school two days a week. They play games, make art, cook sing and dance all morning long. All the while this fun is happening their teachers speak to them in Spanish. In the beginning we weren't too sure how well he liked the school. He didn't care to go - put up a fight everytime I dropped him off. I wasn't sure if it was the language barrier, the age difference of the kids, the instructors. But about 3 months into his attendance there he had a break through of sorts. I dropped him off one day and there was a guest teacher there and she asked him lots of questions in Spanish to ease the transition into the classroom. I didn't know what she was asking, but he sure did. He answered every question in English. I was floored - and envious. Comprehension is a big step in language acquisition and from what his teachers say he certainly understands them. It is too bad we cannot continue this language training in the years to come, but our hope is that it'll be a base that may help in in the future if he chooses to study Spanish....Anyway only one more month of school. Today was the 5th of May. In celebration the kids made pinata's out of two paper bowls, stapled together and decorated with tissues. Inside each was some candy. Here is C whacking his pinata trying to get at the treats inside.
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