Monday, April 6, 2009

Feels like Spring is Here

We started the weekend with a walk on Friday evening. The tide was low revealing plenty of tide pools to explore. Baby crabs about the size of an adult thumb are the favorites but the kids really only like to look at them, not touch. The crabs pinch is hardly noticable but the claws look menacing.
We have decided to undertake a small vegetable garden this year. My bright idea was to dig out the grass in the area which we want to place planters and walkways. E suggested we just put the planters on top of the grass and fill with dirt. Stubbornly I wanted it clear of grass and any crud that was left over from the remodel. However, after two days of a couple hours each, I (and my back) think he may have been the wiser of the two of us - which is usually the case. I still have a good 5 hours or so to go before the area is ready for planters. Taking out the grass was not a non-stop effort. If anyone was watching the comedy, they saw me sitting down after a row of digging, pretending to rip up the grass or look at worms with C. Anyway, lots of breaks - one of the breaks is pictured below. Cherry blossoms across the street!
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