Saturday, April 11, 2009

First Trip with Three: Part 1

Everything started out very nicely! Kids had their goodie bags set for flight and this is taken maybe 5 minutes after being airborne. But this picture belies the truth while traveling. There are always moments when we ask why do we do this? But you'll see the answer to the why in the pictures below.
Breakfast at the guest house. We were very very lucky to have a neighbor of B&A's offer their house to us while we were visiting. Lovely home; enough room for three adults and four kids, kid toys, kid accessories, clean and comfortable and very closeby. We couldn't have asked for a better place. C said when we arrived. "Is this a kind of hotel???Why does it have toys???" So many thanks to those willing to open their homes to us. Future hotels have alot to live up to.
How do you keep six kids (ages 5 and younger) busy in a 900 sqft house on a rainy day? Auntie Ade knows! Pipecleaners. I am still amazed at how well the kids did in their playing - everyday. We had very few incidents and lots of cousin fun!
One of three super dinners we had. This one - being spaghetti - was eaten around the same table because of the mess factor. The previous two nights we had the kids sit on a picnic blanket on the kitchen floor....see the next entry for more pix
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