Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Eggs

The busy-ness of the past week carried into the weekend. On Saturday, we had a wonderful brunch and egg hunt with friends at their home. We all napped Saturday afternoon. Colds and travel fatigue all around (the upside was late sleep in times). Sunday it was Easter Mass followed by a trip to grandparents for another egg hunt and Easter dinner of Lamb, potates, zucchini and salad. Oh and berry apple pie for dessert! Alas no pictures from the events just the egg dyeing - I am getting much better about taking pictures but still lapse into my old ways!
I had had this dye kit for 4 years with intentions of dyeing eggs each year but for whatever reason I never got around to it. So this was the year. B's style of dyeing was very rough. Smash the egg first, then drop into the dye - every color of dye. So she has brown eggs, inside and out. Guess who will be stuck eating brown egg salad sandwiches!

C's turned out much more eastery...

The Easter Bunny came. C asked after mass how the Easter Bunny knew how to write their names on their gifts. Very insightful young man!?

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