Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Star Wars has been a play theme around here for the past few weeks. C attended a birthday party which had this theme and one of the party favors was the lightsaber (lightsaver) that he has sheathed in his belt. While ultimately he is too young for this series of films he isn't too young to understand the good and the bad and the feeling of power and strength. (And he's seen a few cuts of the film on YouTube (thanks Grampy and Dad!?!) So to help him play on those aspects of the film I sewed up the Luke robe and I can't get over how much pride he has in himself. Part of me is excited for him to see this set of films, because they were such a wonderful fantasy life for my friends and I when we were little (they also seem so innocent compared to the barage of modern day heroic kid stuff) However I don't want him to grow up too fast. So for know he has to wait until he's six to see the whole thing.....

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  1. Star Wars talk has been floating around our house too. C learned about some of the characters at school. When we were in the library the other day, he spotted some Star Wars books and we had to check them out.