Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Can I wear sunglasses in the drizzle?

It has been one of those evenings. Completely kid-friendly meal gone uneaten (cornbread, chicken and corn anyone?) Then all the barking of orders. "Do this or that or else" and the predictable response by the kids "I won't do this...NOOOO....". Teethbrushing was chaos. As a result kids go to bed without stories and mom and dad are more than a little on edge. This isn't the normal mode of operation and I know the late afternoon trip to get those sunglasses that I really needed is the cause. As a rule, late afternoons and evenings are not to be messed with around here. Especially by a shopping trip with three kids, no stroller or back pack, snacks anyone? (Dad was there to lend a helping hand be we are still outnumbered.) But you know sometimes there is no good time to get something done. Love the glasses now I just need some sun.

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