Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Great Weekend

This is how our weekend started off - a tea party. This was was unusual because C was the one who initiated it. We had a banquet cherrios and raisins. Later dad brought my coffee in because is was getting cold on the kitchen counter. Later we saw an Imax film, tore out tons of juniper, visited a new park and the bookstore.
Down to one nap a week. Mom cannot make this happen for the life of me so its' Dad's job. Here they are reading...not sure what the book is but lately the Magic Treehouse books have been a favorite.
Saturday was EarthHour. Very uneventful...but I wasn't expecting much. It was more an excuse to do things a little differently and enjoy an evening with candlelight. As a kid it wasn't uncommon to wake up in the morning after a winter windstorm and have the electricity out. The quiet that settles in the house is so still. No hum from anything. We'd light candles everywhere and sit next to the woodburning stove to stay warm. So I had my piece of silence on Saturday night...I should light a candle more often.
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