Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dining Room Table

Today B was teaching M how to dance. Nora's Room was on in the background and B cannot resist moving when the music is on and now her new favorite thing is to hold M's feet or hands while dancing. M loves it as long as B doesn't start yanking too hard. I really need to get more music on around here. With no place for the old stereo we are limited to the nano in the kitchen clock and I haven't downloaded any of our old music - or new music for that matter since Christmas. There is still Christmas music in the line-up.
C had a huge bowl of chips in front of him this afternoon for a snack. His constant motion and chatter were reduced to just chatter which was really, really nice because it was a conversation taking place in the same room with give and take and eye contact. Crazy to think it doesn't happen much but most days he's in constant motion it's hard to pin him down. More snacks of just chips are in the future.
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