Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crazy Day

We had snow this morning (see past the georgeous babe in the foreground at 7 am) and lots of it - for MARCH!!!!
The kids weren't all that excited about going out into it. They did make it out but according to dad did not meet the stamina needed to be an offspring of a Midwesterner. Hmmm, we need to work on that I guess. But really who is to blame them. The snow was really wet and slushy on the ground. B's been sick and C would rather be inside playing his imaginary games. The snow was good for snowballs if you have the fine motor skills to make them not not so good for sledding.
So we made stuff. This is the astronaut, diver, power ranger, airpack, rocket boosters thing-a-ma- jig.
And there he goes!!!!Flight is a real possibility with this pack.
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